PACH Email Newsletters Available!

PACH Email Newsletters have been initiated to allow you to stay informed about goings-on at PACH.
By subscribing, you no longer need browse through our website for the latest happenings – they will be dropped into your inbox.

Two versions are currently available:

PACH Outreach News will be about general happenings at PACH, and would be of interest to clients, supporters, partners, and the general community. It will be sent approximately monthly.

Capital Campaign News will be used to communicate information about the Building and Capital Campaign – goals, progress, current needs – and how you can help! It will be sent as often as needed, depending on events in the Capital Campaign. This is a temporary newsletter, which will be retired when the Building and Capital Campaign is complete.

(PACH Outreach will not sell, rent, or otherwise divulge your contact information to other organizations unless your permission is obtained first. It will be stored securely in our MailChimp account.)

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