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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

  • Pantry staff
  • Office assistance
  • Food pick-up
  • Fundraising help
  • Help with food drives

Many Hands Make Light Work

Committed and friendly volunteers are the heart of PACH Outreach services. If you wish to help for a couple hours a week, a few hours a month, or a few hours once or twice a year, we have a job for you! Volunteers pick up food donations, sort and inspect food, staff the pantry, work in the office, greet clients and help them fill out applications, and assist with food drives, fundraising projects, and distribution of information to the community. PACH could not be successful without its many volunteers.

We match volunteers to tasks based on their interests, the skills they wish to share, and the time they have available. We provide orientation and training for all volunteer opportunities.

Current Critical Volunteer Needs

Click on the job name or scroll down for a description of responsibilities for each job.
Please email or call PACH (see upper left of page) if you can help us with any of these positions.

Trucks & Manpower for Monthly Food Delivery

As of November we have a team from 1A Auto who have agreed to fulfill this responsibility for one month per quarter. We need one or two more teams to pick up our food order on the  second Tuesdays of the remaining eight months: one team for all eight months, or two teams to each go once per quarter.

PACH Outreach receives a 3000-lb. food order from the Greater Boston Food Bank on the second Tuesday of each month, which the Loaves & Fishes delivery team picks up for PACH in Boston and brings as far as Fort Devens with their order. Year after year, the same team of three committed men have tirelessly met the team in Ayer, helped them unload their order, loaded our order into George Ux's pick-up truck and trailer, and delivered it to PACH, where three more volunteers meet the order to unload it and help the USDA/GBFB Food Coordinator store perishables in the freezers and refrigerators. PACH now needs a new team or teams of volunteers to take over this responsibility. Three volunteers with strong backs are needed for heavy lifting, including a driver with a box truck or large pick-up truck with trailer, or two to three drivers with pick-up trucks or large SUVs. This food is crucial to PACH Outreach's ability to supply nearly 100 families a month with needed groceries. If you have a truck or appropriate vehicle and are available between 11:30 a.m and 2:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month, WE NEED YOU!! Call or email PACH (number above left) for more information or to volunteer, and our Volunteer Coordinator or GBFB/USDA Food Coordinator will get back to you with details.

Food Drive Coordinator(s)

The Food Drive Coordinator serves as a liaison between PACH Outreach and the local schools, churches, businesses, and community organizations who regularly hold food drives to stock our pantry. He or she will work with the community organizers of the various food drives and with PACH's Pantry and Volunteer Coordinators to insure we have enough outside food drives each quarter to stock the pantry and to plan additional food drives as needed. Tasks include scheduling and helping to publicize the food drives and insuring we have enough volunteers to pick up and deliver the collected food at the appointed time. Please contact PACH and ask to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator or PACH's Director, Mary Feeley, for further information or to sign on for this easy and satisfying job.

Fundraising Committee Members

The Fundraising Committee will work with the Board of Directors and PACH volunteers to plan, organize, and manage at least two fundraising events per year to help maintain the PACH treasury at a level sufficient to meet our growing clientele and demand for services. Ideally, one or two Committee Members would serve as Co-coordinators and liaisons with the Board. The main requirements for this position are enthusiasm and willingness to serve our community, the ability to think creatively, and strong planning, organizational, management, and communication skills. PACH maintains a list of volunteers who are willing to help with such events, and our Publicity Committee will help with publicizing events. If you have questions or want more information, please contact PACH and ask to speak with Mary Feeley, the President of the PACH Board of Directors.

Office Manager(s)

This position was filled in September 2016

 The Officer Manager coordinates weekly office operations, collects daily phone and email messages and forwards them to the appropriate PACH coordinators; and files monthly reports with our partner agencies and the Board of Directors, working closely with the Board, office volunteers, the Pantry Coordinator, and the USDA/Greater Boston Food Bank Coordinator. These duties require approximately 4-5 hours per week and may be covered by a single committed person or divided among two or three individuals, each taking responsibility for certain tasks to insure that all responsibilities are covered. Skills needed include good organizational ability; facility with Word, email, basic data entry, and phone calling; and the personality and patience to be encouraging and supportive to our volunteer staffers and clients. Introduction and training will be provided by our outgoing office manager or a PACH Board member. Contact PACH and ask to speak to our present Office Manager or our Volunteer Coordinator, Judy Duggan, if you are interested in any part of this position.

Pantry Coordinator(s)

This position was filled in July 2015

The Pantry Coordinator or two Co-coordinators lead weekly pantry operations, working closely with the office and pantry volunteers, the pantry buyer, the Food Drive Coordinators, and the USDA/Greater Boston Food Bank Coordinator. Priority responsibilities are to insure that sufficient food and pantry staff are available to meet client needs each week, to oversee the provision of food to clients during weekly open hours, and to supervise the cleaning, organization and shelving of food and other donations that come in on a weekly basis. Required skills include the ability to assess and plan for food needs and to schedule, train, and assign tasks to pantry volunteers; teamwork and communication skills necessary to coordinate closely with volunteers and food coordinators to insure adequate food supply for clients; and basic email, Word, internet, and math skills. This position requires several hours per week in the pantry and some phone and email time, usually on your own schedule. Training will be provided by our current Pantry Coordinator, Office Manager, or a member of the PACH Board. Please see the Pantry Coordinator's job description for a list of specific responsibilities. Contact PACH and ask to speak with our Office Manager or our Volunteer Coordinator, Judy Duggan, if you are interested in taking or sharing this position.

Pantry Staff

Under the direction of the pantry coordinators and office staff, pantry staff greet clients during our Tuesday and Thursday pantry hours and distribute pre-assembled bags of groceries to them, along with choices of meat, bread, and fresh food from our freezers and refrigerators. Between client visits, pantry volunteers sort and shelve incoming food, clean up the pantry rooms, and assemble bags of groceries if more bags will be needed for upcoming pantry sessions. The pantry is presently open on Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons and evenings.

Fuel Assistance Counselors

Fuel Assistance volunteers are trained by Program Coordinator Sue LaRocco to counsel clients on what kinds of fuel assistance are avaialble to them and to help them fill out applications for these. Counselors meet with clients in appointments scheduled during two or three sessions per week from November through April. No single counselor has to be available for all appointment sessions each month. PACH is presently looking for additional counselors for Mondays & Wednesdays of the winter months.

Pantry Cleaner

The PACH cleaning volunteer will work for a couple hours once each week during hours of his or her choice. Cleaning chores include sweeping the floors in the office, the two pantry rooms, and the connecting hallway; vacuuming entrance carpets; light cleaning of the bathroom; and wiping down of refrigerators and freezers as needed.

Drivers/Carriers for Grocery Store Donations

PACH needs a couple drivers strong enough to load and carry bags and boxes of donated meat to the PACH pantry from Hannafords Market on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A single volunteer could do this weekly, or two or more volunteers can share the job, trading off days.Hannafords supplies us with one to a half dozen boxes of meat each week. The volunteer(s)for this will need to pick up the meat, deliver it to the PACH pantry, and store it in our freezers sometime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

This position is currently filled by two people; but we would like to train at least one volunteer as a substitute for when our present helpers are not available. Volunteers may make an initial run with our current delivery volunteers or office manager to see what's entailed and to learn the ropes.

Coordinator for Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Many individuals in our community volunteer through PACH Outreach as Salvation Army Bell Ringers during the holiday season, benefitting both Salvation Army and PACH Outreach (which receives a share of the donations collected). This program is well-established, with an active list of returning volunteers. A new coordinator is needed to contact volunteers beginning in late October/early November to schedule volunteers and keep the program going between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two friends or family members could share the responsibilities of this task. PACH has sample information, letters, and schedules available for your use.