Services we provide:

  • Food
  • Personal Care Items
  • Help with applications for Fuel Assistance
Information on:
  • Fuel Assistance
  • Housing
  • Clothing
  • Food stamps
  • WIC
  • Health Insurance


Who We Are

PACH Outreach is a volunteer-led, community-based, non-profit organization that provides short-term assistance to Pepperell residents during difficult times. PACH is about neighbors helping neighbors by providing food, personal care items, referrals, and other needed resources to help our clients get back on their feet.

PACH is the sole food pantry for residents of Pepperell, and we serve scores of families and individuals each year, including many seniors, veterans, and disabled residents of our town. High unemployment, the rising cost of food and fuel, and reductions in state and federal aid have had a major impact on our neighbors. We are committed to providing these families with supplemental food to help them stay healthy, while assistng them where possible in achieving longer-term self-sufficiency.

A Community Resource

Pepperell has a long history of helping neighbors in need. Beginning in 1974 our local churches and the Knights of Columbus collected, stored, and distributed needed food under the banner of Pepperell Aid from Church to Home. In recent years, the Friends of the Seniors took an active role, distributing food from the Pepperell Senior Center.

In 2007 PACH Outreach was founded to coordinate the volunteer efforts of many community groups and to bring the food pantry and referral services under one roof. Thanks to the Pepperell community, PACH is a caring and compassionate place where our neighbors can find the help they need.

The efforts of our local businesses and churches, and our senior center continue to be invaluable to our community and to PACH Outreach, and we are grateful to them for their ongoing involvement.

The Neighbors We Help

PACH welcomes all Pepperell residents, including seniors, families, and single adults--anyone who needs assistance in these tough economic times. Some programs have income guidelines, but PACH feels strongly that no one in Pepperell should be hungry or cold. If you need food or support to get through a difficult time,  please call or email PACH Outreach.

Anyone who wishes to join PACH Outreach's efforts is welcome. Please visit our Volunteer or Partners pages for more information, or join current PACH volunteers and the Board of Directors in our open meetings at 6:30 pm on the second Thursday of "even” months (February, April, June, August, October, and December) in the History Room at the Lawrence Library.

PACH Outreach Board of Directors

President: Brandon Crocker (appointed Spring 2013; elected President January 2016)
Treasurer: Susan Casserly
Clerk: Donna Morel
Director: Roland Nutter (appointed November 2013)
Director: Mark Whittaker (appointed January 2014)
Director: Marcia Zaniboni (appointed March 2016)
Director: Pam Lundstrum (appointed March 2016)
Director: Patricia Thorpe (appointed March 2016)

Members of the Board share responsbility for administration of the PACH Outreach organization and the development and implementation of projects taken on by PACH to extend assistance and services to our clients.